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It Consultancy

The efficiency and transformation that can be achieved by leveraging on Information technology in health sector can never be over emphasized, one of our basic starting point is the consultancy services to evaluate the current state, technology available in the facility. Then we try to understand our client needs and budget to enable achievable goals before providing varying options that they can choose from for implementation. Our Approach is main built around the People and the process which guides the decision of technology that will provide (deliver) 99.9% efficiency and effective service in the end.

Our IT team works with hospitals and health systems around the country (Nigeria) to improve patient care, Clinical Services and clinical research through technology. We see our client more as partners hence our approach is more as a collaborator with them to develop and execute IT solutions that will help Doctors, Nurses, Laboratory Scientist, Radiologist, Accounts, Record & Information Manager and Administrator achieve better health outcomes by bringing smart IT enable equipment and important health information to the patient, align technological best practices with clinical needs tooptimize service and research

Requirement Evaluation For Hard Ware & Software For Facilities

No matter what level of technology inclination of our client, being at zero level (beginner), intermediate or standard that requires improvement. We ensure a holistic approach with professionalism as deploying technology within Nigeria facilities must be very detailed from Power requirement to selection of hardware’s like Servers, Network equipment, computers, digital medical equipment’s etc for success of and sustainability.

Infrastructure is the backbone (foundation) which services runs (depends), hence we consider hardware’s with efficiency, Reliability and higher life span considering very key factor (peculiarity) of our environment, Known-how etc. when helping to make this choice. Our client’s choices and opinion is very important to us in cases where they have preference for a particular brand, we provide adequate technical information that ensure that core fundamental principles that guides selection are not neglected as these ensure or guarantees our partner ROI in the long run.

It Support Service

The success of every project depends greatly on the support which is provided, after sale services is often the missing link that can guarantee sustainability, at OPENNG this is a key component that is part our full package when engagingour partners, hence we try as much possible to make it compulsory but optional as in some cases client may have technical employees that can perform some of the basic task. We also ensure that support services are very flexible as often time we try to improve our partners by training them to provide first level once we can identify they have the ability.

Capacity Building

In a rapid changing environment like the IT, keeping up to date with technology and best practice requires constant training and re-training. Our experience has shown that it far much easier for our clients to own the technology and us it to really drive their process when they are well trained. The fear of the unknown is genuinely eradicated and replaces with excitement (passion) to do new and better things to improve service.


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