Cognotus MIS

Learning will never be the same again with a tool that dissects through all your institutional functions and what’s the result? A transformed institution that uses actionable data to transform lives!

Rating Cognotus as tool to beat in the realm of e-learning and MIS is more of an understatement owing to the blend of features it has been designed to offer. This is a system that offers virtual learning, a modern management approach and analytics all targeted at oiling out efficiency and results in schools.

Multidimensional Approach

With Cognotus, you will be looking at getting everything in school up and running thanks to algorithms that will get you those insights you are looking for. Cognotus is a tool that has moved a step forward in scaling the heights of student Information System (SIS) meaning that you get a multidimensional approach on students’ life cycles. Moreover, you will also be able to tap into its learning management systems that uses modern day techniques in a bid to improve learning in institutions-an example being distance learning.

Data Analytics Systems

Learning Management Systems

The software has also taken big data analytics to an all new level.

With the target at getting you those accurate insights that aid in getting the best out of your institution organs. The system is also available on mobile platforms meaning that you can get to enjoy everything on your smartphone. This is a solution that will get your communication systems seamless than ever given that teachers, students and parents are given a channel to communicate with the desired speed and accuracy.