Power Bi

Enjoy the virtual reality with a tool that gives you the chance to work from anyplace while using your office devices and IT infrastructure.

Office 365 is that tool that seeks to bridge the gap between geographical locations owing to its ability to deliver virtual infrastructure set ups to its users. It offers a wide array of functionalities with the sole purpose of affording users the luxury of working virtually with their coveted devices, office tools, emails and colleagues. Not only does office 365 assure a 24 hour functionality but it has other inherent features will blow your mind.

Data Assemble Sources

The catch with power Bi is that it lets you assemble all the necessary data from sources such excel, Salesforce, Zendesk, Marketo, SendGrid, and GitHub with a focus of getting an analytic overview that is colossal to business intelligence.

Cloud Computing

The tool adopts cloud computing with security clearly in mind- it gives users a chance to perform queries to an SQL Server Analysis Services without having to move data to the cloud. The beauty is that you can get to monitor only important data by customizing your dashboard. This way you can navigate through graphical representations of data results getting that highlight coveted insights at specific aspects of your business.





The great thing is that these representations can be kept on a dashboard for someone to keep an eye on its dynamics from time to time. Business intelligence does not come easier than having an access to some key business analysis tools present in power Bi. Talk of features like Power Query, Power Pivot, Power View, Power Map handed to you all in a single tool!